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Tempered glass

The tempered glass is flat glass subjected to special thermal processing as a result of which the raised mechanical durability is provided, thermostability and safety at destruction.

Durability of the tempered glass on a bend and impact is more in five-six times than durability of usual glass. For example, the tempered glass bears impact by a bag with lead shot in weight 45 kg from height of falling of 1,2 m while flat glass does not maintain impact even from height of 0,3 m. Tempered glass has essentially more thermal stability in comparison with flat glass(the tempered glass maintains difference of temperatures within the limits of 2000) . At the destruction the tempered glass breaks on fine fractions (from 1 up to 10 mm) with stupid sides that exclude an opportunity reception of a trauma.

Owing to the listed properties the tempered glass is used for the safe ground transport (automobile and lorries, agricultural and other specialized machinery, a railway transport, etc.), transparent building designs (window and door blocks, show-windows, elements of a protection of loggias, balconies, structural glazing windows of facades, etc.), and also in places with a high degree of probability of destruction of glass as a result of mechanical and thermal loadings.

Computer glass cutting at manufacturing tempered glass allows achieving the maximal accuracy of the sizes of finished articles.

OAO Gomelglass has convenience to decorate product from tempered glass by drawing various kinds of a paint on surface of tempered glass by means of method silk-screen printing. Today the enterprise makes following decorative products from the tempered glass: glass shelf for household refrigerators, glass-wares for ovens electric and gas cookers, and also decorative glass-wares for furniture.



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