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  1. Flat glass made by float method in accordance with GOST(government standard) of Belarus 111-2001. Nominal thickness from 4 up to 6 mm, there are following marks of glass М0, М1, М2, М3, М4, М7.
  2. Safety glass for ground vehicles in accordance with STB (standard)1639-2006 (tempered), UNECE Regulation No 43/Revision 2 following purpose:
    • for cars according to standard Republic of Belarus ТУ РБ 400051823.016-2004;
    • for tractors, agricultural, load-lifting, road-building and other machines by standard Republic of Belarus ТУ BY 400051823.018-2005 (windscreens made from tempered glass for low-speed transport which makes speed up to 40 km/h.);
    • for lorries , buses, trolley buses, street cars and other machines glazing by standard Republic of Belarus TY BY 400051823.017-2005.

The note 1. Safety glass for ground vehicles (multilayered) by TY BY 400051823.016-2005 and ТY BY (technical conditions) 400051823.017-2005 is produced by Gomelglass´s daughter enterprise - Polyglass.

  1. Glass tempered for building in accordance with GOST 30698-2000, intended for building designs glazing , made from flat glass of own manufacture of domestic manufacture.
  2. Glass articles for furniture in accordance with GOST 6799-2005 (including tempered with figure (except bent)), intended for a furniture bundling.
  3. Insulating foamglass blocks in accordance with GOST 1322-2002, unique nonflammable lightweight porous heat-insulated material meant for isolation of building structures and the industrial equipment at temperature of isolated surfaces from-300ºC up to 400ºC in conditions of relative humidity up to 97 %.
  4. Products from tempered glass for ovens of gas and electric cooker by TY BY 400051823.019-2005, meant for operation in a range from +10ºC up to 270ºC. They are made two kinds:
    • external (with a decorative covering and without it);
    • internal (without a decorative covering).
  5. A glass shelf for household refrigerators by TY BY 400051823.015-2004. They are made following types:
    • tempered - З;
    • with a decorative covering - Д;
    • from usual glass - without a designation.
    It is meant for operation over the range from 0 up to +10ºC.
  6. Sealed insulating glass units in accordance with GOST 24866-99, made with use TPS - technologies. They meant for window and door blocks , partitions, etc. They are made following types:
    • СПО - single-chamber;
    • СПД - two-chamber.
    They are filled by drained air or inert gas (argon - Ar).



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