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TPS - double-glazed windows.


In 2005 the newest TPS-technology manufacture of double-glazed windows " warm edge " with capacity of manufacture more than 100 thousand m² double-glazed windows in a year has been introduced on Gomelglass for the first time in Belarus.

For today TPS line (Thermo Plastic Spacer) is the most advanced and flexible unit of equipment in the world by its organization. This technology differs radically from habitual industrial systems. It follows from its name, that elastic thermoplastic material is used at manufacturing double-glazed windows instead of habitual metal spacer. Application of technology TPS allows not only considerably to improve and automate of double-glazed windows production, but also essentially to improve their quality due to use isolated elastic framework.


Thermoplastic spacer sealing it is the advanced technological operation promoting of increase production efficiency. Owing to simplification of the internal organization it becomes more flexible and harmonious, it is easier to adapt for features of the concrete order.

Adsorbent filling operation, metal spacer cutting, primary butyl drawing have been connected in one material – thermoplastic butyl spacer. This method is applied at the largest European factories productive isolating double-glazed windows.

TPS technology allows to organize production process single-and two-chamber double-glazed windows filled by gas (or without filling) of rectangular and more complex form on one production sector. Besides it is probable to produce articles with increased complexity, including step (up to four steps) any models and forms double-glazed windows.

In double-glazed windows production is applied the high-quality polished glass of own production, heatsaving (the covering reflecting thermal radiation with low radiating ability) "K" or "Е" glass. If necessary protection against breaking, it is possible a double-glazed window production with using of external glass Triplex. The double-glazed window with one of glass Triplex it is an ideal choice in cases when it is necessary to get rid of excessive street, railway, air or other noise.

Operational characteristics

Material forming intermediate space improves insulating properties of a double-glazed window as has very low heat conductivity (heat conductivity of a TPS-spacer is 0,04 Wt/m²K). In contrast to an aluminum spacer application of TPS-thermoplastic spacer reduces losses of heat on edge of a double-glazed window and interferes with formation of a condensate in regional area of a window.

  • heat conductivity TPS - spacer is - 0,04 Wt/m²K
  • the minimal sizes of a double-glazed window are 350 mm х 190 mm
  • the maximal sizes of a double-glazed window are 1600 mm х 2500 mm
  • the thickness of a double-glazed window: from 12 up to 60 mm
  • the thickness of glass: from 3 up to 15 mm
  • width of a TPS shape: from 6 up to 20 mm in meter measurement
  • height of a TPS shape abt. 6,8 mm
  • durability (reliability) of a double-glazed window - not less than 20 years of operation


Alongside with numerous advantages of industrial character it is important to note merits of the double-glazed windows made by TPS technology with " a warm edge ":

  • improved insulating characteristics of a double-glazed window´s regional zones
  • uniform distribution of temperatures on a surface of glass
  • the reduced formation of a condensate
  • essential reduction of pressure owing to elastic connection of glass sheets on the edge of a double-glazed window
  • the advantageous appearance caused by reflection of color of a window frame in an edge of a double-glazed window
  • variety of the form variation
  • an opportunity of a double-glazed window production, using glass triplex (unique in Belarus)
  • secondary hermetic sealing on an edge of a double-glazed window with filling its with gas

Glass cutting on the modern equipment of German concern Bystronic excludes formation of microcracks and chips, presence of witch at the certain wind loading or sharp temperature drop can lead to a crack of a double-glazed window.

In total clients are offered in the form of a TPS-isolating double-glazed window absolutely new isolating double-glazed window of the future which opens new opportunities for creation of any window designs.

Besides, decrease of risk making of bad quality and an effective manufacturing method influence that the new TPS-isolating double-glazed window is competitive as well at the cost as in a basis of double-glazed windows manufacture lays in-house fabrication glass and triplex.



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