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Gomelglass´s daughter enterprise Polyglass makes laminated glass - triplex.

For today in many countries glass cover of top floors buildings and also balconies and loggias is made only with safe glass in avoidance of casual people loss from windows.

Polished glass with the thickness from 2,5 mm up to 6 mm is used in manufacture of multilayered safe glass triplex and a polyvinylbutyral adhesive film with the thickness from 0,38 up to 0,76 mm.

The used film raises a glass mechanical durability and provides special (safe) character of its destruction.

The basic advantages of laminated glass:

  • it does not break down from casual everyday impacts;
  • it does not break up to separate parts at destruction that allows to protect people from traumas

Glasswares from triplex stand impact of a lead sphere with weight of 227 gram, falling from height 12 meters, and also are water-resistant, heat-resistant and light-resistant.

Our enterprise´s production corresponds to GOST 5727, technical conditions Republic of Belarus 00294622.009-2000, UNECE Regulation No 43 Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Safety Glazing Materials and their Installation on Vehicles .

Owing to its properties problems of safety and reliability are solved when using safe complex glass during the facades facing, glass roofs manufacturing, balconies, office partitions and so on.

The various colour spectrum of a polyvinylbutyral adhesive film allows to make products of multilayered safe glass of various colors and shades.

Multilayered safe glass finds its application in:

  • double-glazed windows, as ordinary glass for facades glazing, stained-glass windows, zenithal lanterns, glass roofs, windows for doors and partitions, integral glass doors, glazing greenhouses, as glasses for fences, increasing their durability and safety in operation;
  • it is intended for glazing cargo transport and cars, buses, trolley buses.

At the moment we make windscreens for tractors МАZ and КAMАZ, midget cars of Volga Automobile Plant (AvtoVAZ) and Oka, street cars, trains and an underground, maintained in all microclimatic areas, and also under special orders more than 100 names of windshields for foreign cars.

Such giants as Minsk Automobile Plant (МАZ), Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant (MZKT), Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ), Volga Automobile Plant (AvtoVAZ) use our multilayered safe glass in their manufacture.


Glass-wares from safe multilayered glass are packed in wooden boxes. The volume of one box is equal 20 pieces (for cars SuperMAZ), 40 pieces (for cars КAMАZ, VAZ OKA), 20-80 m² (flat triplex). Transportation is carried out automobile and railway transportation.

The contact information

Director: +375 (232) 97 07 02
Waiting room (tel/fax): +375 (232) 97 01 00
Chief engineer: +375 (232) 97 12 73
Chief accountant: +375 (232) 97 07 89
Supply and sales department: +375 (232) 97 13 59



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