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On Monday at JSC Gomelglass representatives republican, regional and city press have arrived. Acting as the chief engineer has led a round table for them. Journalists asked the various questions, concerning prospect of our enterprise developments, but their main theme was epochal project of development of JSC Gomelglass. Answering them Petukhova Raisa has noted:

– Our factory has been manufacturing glass since 1933. Since 1996 we have been delivering sheet polished glass. At that time our manufacture was the most powerful (800 tons of glass mass in a day) and progressive in the Europe. However for today it is necessary to focus more serious attention to quality of production as requirements to the sheet polished glass constantly increase. The market becomes more aggressive to its manufacturers. Therefore the decision on constructions of one more technological line of float glass-work was accepted by JSC Gomelglass . Certainly, it will be to differ from working one. So, manufacture of one square meter of glass will be more effective in 1,3 times. Besides a degree of quality, I would emphasize, the level of stability of quality will be the higher order. The newest development, modern approaches to the decision of ecological questions are laid in a new technological line. Actually the under construction line will be the first in Belarus and one of the first on the late Soviet territory by ecological parameters. And one more novelty - an opportunity of generation of the electric power due to use of energy of smoke gases. All this will allow us to lower cost per unit for polished glass work under stable quality.

Journalists asked Petukhova Raisa to tell about capacity of a new line, cost of its erection, terms of putting into operation.

– Capacity of a new technological line will make 780 tons of glass mass in a day. As a result we shall be one of leaders in the Europe by the total capacity, and it is more than one and a half thousand tons of glass mass in a day. Term of a new line putting into operation is planned in first half of 2009. Now all design works, coordination are finished, investments are found and erection of new shop is begun. According to tentative estimations of experts capital investments in the sum about 150 million euro are necessary for its construction. It is necessary to consider as fatal projects of our enterprise development also reconstruction of working polished glass shop which will be underwayed on analogue of a new technological line. One more project is development of energy saving glass discharging the need in which has come to a head a long time ago. Application of this glass will allow to solve topical problems for our republic of economy of fuel and energy resources. Besides we plan to begin of architectural glass discharging, such which are applied in a building of National library. Now it is delivered from abroad, and will be made at our factory in prospect. Today experts of Gomelglass, the Belarusian scientists, European designers are working at these projects.

Journalists have become acquainted with work of polished glass shop, a site of double-glazed windows and glass processing shop, have visited a building site of new. During excursion on a factory on questions of representatives of mass-media detailed answers Subbotin and the assistant to the general director on ideological work, personnel and social questions gave the assistant to the general director on commercial questions of Century of Century of N.Marshin.

Alexander Kryzh, "GS"
IN PICTURES: Petukhova Raisa is answering on journalists’ questions; on one of the objects of construction.
Peter Kuznetsov's photo, "GS"

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