Стекло полированное cтекло



       Gomelglass has bought a system of scanning, marking and optimization of germane firm Grenzebach for the shop of the polished glass.

       This equipment for scanning a strip of glass, detection of defects, marks of defects and optimization a cutting of glasses. This system scans a passing tape of glass, finds out such defects in a tape of glass, such as faulty fusion, a bubble, inclusion, a droplet, optical distortion (optical defects), and then gives a command to a program cutting do not insert this plot in the program of cutting and to the marking bridge to mark out a defective plot with an indelible paint by means of a control system.

       The system works with glass thickness from 2 up to 19 mm. Working width of scanning up to 4000 mm.
Also germane roentgen fluorescent spectrometer S4 Explorer «Bruker» has been purchased for industrial laboratory complete with the equipment for a preparation of test samples.

       This equipment allows to prepare tests from an analyzed material and to conduct its element analysis according to the received spectrum. Allows to determine substances both easy and heavy group, from beryllium up to uranium.

       Purchase of this equipment allows to lead out manufacture of polished float glass on a new qualitative level and to remain on an edge of technological progress of the glass industry.

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