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JSC Gomelglass, being the hi-tech modern enterprise, gives the big attention to industrial processing of glass.

In the end of 2006 JSC Gomelglass has kept on equipment modernization of industrial processing shop. So in October-November by the enterprise have been got: automated bichromatic screen printing line "AG Engeneering" (Italy) and the rectilinear facet machine tool B 1400 "Bando Kiko" (Japan).

The line «AG Engeneering" allows to apply both bichromatic and one-colour press in the size from 150x300 up to 1000x700 mm. The line automatic also is completed to two UV dryers with the coolers, allowing to get on an output a finished article. The machine tool B1400 " Bando Kiko " allows to process a rectilinear edge with a width of facet up to 50 mm with maintenance of durability of the glass edge rest. Thickness of processed glass from 4 up to 30 mm. The machine tool has a capability of a processed surface polishing using cerium oxide. Height of processed workpieces is up to 2000 mm.

The given equipment allows to expand the nomenclature list, and also to improve qualitative characteristics of production.

In the beginning of 2007 we will be able already to offer glass articles for furniture with facet, products from tempered glass for ovens and electric griddle plates (with qualitative bichromatic figure), mat glass articles for furniture , and also glass articles, decorated by various figures marked by a method of silk-screen printing to our consumers.

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